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Auteur(s): Moussaoui, Abdelkrim
Mots-clés: : Republicans, Unionists, Home Rule, Catholics, Protestants, Ulster, Sinn Fein, Partition, Eire, Northern Ireland.
Date de publication: 25-jui-2014
Editeur: univ oran 2
Résumé: The Irish Question from Home Rule to the Republic of Ireland, 1891-1949, is an attempt to shed light on one of the most complex and puzzling political problems the contemporary world had ever witnessed. A study of the Irish problem ab ovo (“from the egg” in Latin, from the origins) would have taken volumes of consistent books, for it goes back to King Henry II’s first settlement in Ireland in the 12th century. No less than thirty seven monarchs and two Lord Protectors, from Henry II to George V had tried, in vain, to subdue the recalcitrant Irish who have never given up fight and resistance to the English” tyrants”. Apart from the first chapter which is an introductory stage, we have decided to try to limit our analysis of the Irish question to contemporary times only starting in 1891, a highly significant date for it marks the death of Charles Stewart Parnell, the “Uncrowned King of Ireland”, leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party. Parnell was the first Irish politician who asserted Home Rule and fought constitutionally for its application. This was the climax of the Irish question that went through different stages to reach its actual status of republic, from Home Rule to the Republic of Ireland.
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