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Titre: Re-appropriation of urban heritage buildings and their role in the conservation of historic sites; case study: casbah Belamech (Tindouf - Algeria)
Auteur(s): ZEROUAL, Ibrahim
ZENATI, Djelloul
Mots-clés: Identity, Sustainability and Environment (SIE), Heritage, Casbah of Belamech
Date de publication: 2018
Editeur: Proceedings of Science and Technolgy
Résumé: The importance of historical sites containing archaeological and architectural fabrics has many physical, economic and social; they differ depending on the form and structure in different areas of the city. The historic environment of the urban content for historic buildings and heritage guides the manager to the preservation of the entities. Research shows that there is a large gap between the classroom buildings and the development process of the surrounding urban environment. By focusing on sustainable development of the historical heritage areas, it is necessary to operate a reallocation of buildings for better preservation. The study covers the following: the attempt to link the new features for creating activities of the heritage of the population of the surrounding environment, to increase the degree of attention of the living environment around the building. Factors that affect the process of maintenance, and reuse of heritage buildings in the choice of assignment. It is proposed to try to find a general concept for the development of heritage areas within the public sphere. The role of community participation as a means of awareness and the definition of ordinary citizens of the importance of the environment and heritage content. It also discusses the mapping methods to study and treat to represent the heritage buildings through reallocation as one of the important conservation measures through the example of the Casbah of Belamech. This research also presents a set of conclusions and recommendations in the form of a model with an information system on the environment (SIE) to develop the most important features in the development of heritage buildings, to ensure the sustainability of its environment.
ISSN: 2357-0849
Collection(s) :3.Faculté des Sciences de la Terre et de l'Univers

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