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Titre: The Use of Oral/Written Business English Communication Skills by Non-Native Speakers of English in Algeria
Auteur(s): SEBDA, Nasrine
Date de publication: 2012
Editeur: univ oran 2
Résumé: Language plays an important role in human life. One tries to acquire, learn and use language as a means of communication. By using language someone could make statements, convey facts and knowledge explain or report something, and keep social relations among the language users. These indicate that by means of language, people can express their ideas, feeling, information etc through communication The shifting patterns of trade and new working practices which follow globalization are affecting the use of the English language in complex ways. English is considered as an international language. As a matter of fact, it has became very popular and it is spoken and learnt by almost all people around the world. Thanks to globalization, today’s business environment is spreading rapidly, as a result; the demand for specific English courses has grown, and new ideas began to emerge in the study of languages English language used for any communication related to doing business can be called Business English. This use of English doesn’t just happen in or among Englishspeaking countries. In many countries where English is not the common language, it may still be used for doing international business, as it is the case in Algeria, where many multinational companies are established. The latter are using English in their daily work to communicate with each other.
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