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Titre: Close Range Photogrammetry Using Dense Epipolar Matching (DEM)
Mots-clés: Close range photogrammetry · Dense stereo matching · Calibration · Metrology
Date de publication: 31-oct-2013
Editeur: Arab J Sci Eng
Résumé: This paper deals with the close numerical photogrammetry applications using several testing objects. The different steps of the metrological process are recalled and discussed according to the obtained results. To get effective geometrical information on objects, automation by stereo matching is needed for profit ability and homogeneity requirements. The qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the 3D accuracy of measurements and the analysis of the resulting dot cloud is done according to a known reference. This study proposes restitution for metrological requirements using the method of dense epipolar matching. Mappings quite redundant and distributed on the images, but also a denser reconstruction are preferable for the application of the surface reconstruction. The use of a digital reflex body CANON EOS 5D with focal of 20 and 28 mm enabled us to observe concretely the influence of the measurements accurately and the step to be planned for a metrology project.
Collection(s) :3.Faculté des Sciences de la Terre et de l'Univers

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