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Titre: Pre-seismic Anomalies in Remotely Sensed Land Surface Temperature measurements: the Case Study of 2003 Boumerdes Earthquake
Auteur(s): Hassini, Abdelatif
Mots-clés: Thermal anomaly; Earthquake; RST; MODIS satellite data; LST; Ambient temperature
Date de publication: 6-mar-2017
Editeur: advances in space research
Résumé: Detection of thermal anomaly prior to earthquake events has been widely confirmed by researchers over the past decade. One of the popular approaches for anomaly detection is the Robust Satellite Approach (RST). In this paper, we use this method on a collection of six years of MODIS satellite data, representing land surface temperature (LST) images to predict 21st May 2003 Boumerdes Algeria earthquake. The thermal anomalies results were compared with the ambient temperature variation measured in three meteorological stations of Algerian National Office of Meteorology (ONM) (DELLYS-AFIR, TIZI-OUZOU, and DAR-EL-BEIDA). The results confirm the importance of RST as an approach highly effective for monitoring the earthquakes.
Collection(s) :3.Faculté des Sciences de la Terre et de l'Univers

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