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Titre: Dynamic calculation of a tapered shaft rotor made of composite material
Auteur(s): Achache, Habib
Mots-clés: fibre composite multilayer plates; vibration; Structural mechanics; rotordynamics; dynamic analysis
Date de publication: 2018
Editeur: Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science
Résumé: This work proposes a theoretical and numerical study on the behavior of a tapered shaft rotor made of composite materials by the classical version h and the version p of the finite element method. Hierarchical form functions are used to define the model. The purpose of this paper is to determine the expressions of the kinetic and potential energies of the tree necessary for the results of the equations of motion. A comparison between the version h and the p version of the finite element method of the functions of polynomial and trigonometric hierarchical forms with six degrees of freedom per node, of a composite tapered and cylindrical shaft which rotates at a constant speed about its axis. It is found that when the number of functions of form (the version p) is increased, the solution converges. It is also observed that the conicity of the shaft increases the rigidity with respect to a uniform shaft having the same mechanical properties. The numerical simulation allowed us to determine the natural frequencies and the critical speeds of the composite shaft systems are compared with those available in the literature and the effectiveness of the methods used are discussed.
ISSN: 2287-528X
Collection(s) :6.Institut de Maintenance et de Sécurité Industrielle

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