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Titre: Zur Verankerung der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien (IKT) im Spracherwerb
Auteur(s): Seddiki, Amina
Mots-clés: ICT, integration, languages, teacher, learner, success, jobs
Date de publication: 2019
Editeur: Université d'Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed
Résumé: Thousand ways are nowadays available for a better and easier learning of languages. A positive role has the use of media competency in both education and in the professional life. Practically, this application of ICT, which penetrates almost all areas or areas of application with a growing speed is considered as an effective method. This covers all possible modern digital information and communication technologies. Teachers can integrate ICT, in particular, into language teaching because it is about the optimization of language courses and content. Thanks to ICT, it will be possible to organize successful seminars by means of fast and interactive exchange of information between teachers and learners. In the tendering of new jobs, in the labor market, media literacy is given a particular importance. This results the need of German language students or learners of foreign languages to have good ICT knowledge. ICTs also have deficiencies. For this reason, it is important to pay particular attention to ICT and to promote the corresponding methodological competence for its integration into language teaching
Collection(s) :2.Faculté des Langues Etrangères

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