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Titre: Beitrag des Bildereinsatzes zum Wortschatzlernen
Auteur(s): BENOUDDANE, Ahmed
Date de publication: 2019
Editeur: Université d'Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed
Résumé: The languages help the speaker in a communication situation to make the content understandable. You learn the language to communicate. to be able to communicate with the other party. it is composed of a sign system containing words. The learner is learning new words every day, be it in class or in life in general, and the number of words is not fixed and can never be limited, but changes and is developed. Every day, scientists add new words to the dictionary, and at the same time other words become useless or useless, which we can not find in the new dictionaries. The beginners acquire a lot of vocabulary at the beginning, because they need it to understand objects, texts, messages, mediating information. The grammar is also important, but the grammatical mistakes are often accepted by strangers, in contrast, when the meaning of a word is lacking in communication, the continuation of this communication becomes misunderstood and unacceptable.
Collection(s) :2.Faculté des Langues Etrangères

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