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Titre: VECM و الانفتاح التجاري على النمو الاقتصادي للجزائر باستعمال العلاقة السببية و اختبار نموذج متجه تصحيح الخطأ IDEدراسة تأثير
Auteur(s): دقيش, جمال
Date de publication: 2018
Editeur: Université d'Oran 2 MOHAMED BEN AHMED
Résumé: The objective of this study is to examine the effect of the degree of trade openness (estimated by total exports and imports to GDP) on the growth of the Algerian economy during the period 1990-2015 by building an empirical model expressed in real GDP as a dependent variable and indicators of trade openness Represented by the formation of fixed capital (fbcf), FDI and the degree of trade openness), using an empirical study based on Johensen's cointegration test and the Granger causality test. The results. After testing the VECM model ;There is no long-term relationship between the rate of growth and the degree of openness of trade, but the test of causation has shown that in the short term there is a relationships between the growth rate and openness Keywords: Growth rate. The degree of trade openness. Foreign direct investment. FBCF
Collection(s) :4.Faculté des Sciences Economiques,Commerciales et des Sciences de Gestion

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