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Titre: التطور التاريخي للمؤسسة المدرسية في الجزائر: مراحل ومحطات بارزة
Auteur(s): خالدي, أحمد
Mots-clés: institution of school- Jules Ferry- modern school- school in Algeria- historical evolution- French colonization- the independencethe socialist era- the events of October 1988- historical developme
Date de publication: oct-2017
Editeur: Université d'Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed
Résumé: This article has for objective to know the history of the institution a school in Algeria- modern school-. As well this school has beautiful and well advanced, since the date or it has a view on the day, during the colonial period (13-02-1883) according to the laws of" Jules Ferry" Minister of knowledge has the time, and up to our time. A long period, or this institution has experienced great mutation and several change, following the reforms committed due to the political transformations that has experienced the Algeria. We can distinguish two (2) great period: -The first is that of the Constitution (1883-19962), during the French colonization, where this institution been purely in the service of colonialism which enshrines the colonialist idiots toward Algeria and the Algerians, but it been boycotted by the latter call native. - in sign of struggle- - The second is that of the replenishment (1962-2003) After the independence, which consists of several phase: -the socialist era, where the effort revolves around the adaptation of this institution as a an acknowledgment and its stabilization by contribution to the values and national needs. - After the events of October 1988, phase of control and mastery, characterized by several reform in order to create and to have a purely institution of Algeria, which responds to the expectations of the people. Through this article in will discover this historical evolution of the institution a school in Algeria, and all the change committed. In order to have an idea on this institution and its historical development that reflects its role in society, which prove to be paramount.
Collection(s) :5.Faculté des Sciences Sociales

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