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Titre: The British Monarchy under the Reign of Elizabeth 2 (1952-2009)
Auteur(s): GRAINE, Lina
Mots-clés: British Monarchy; Elizabeth II; Constitutional monarch; Royalty; Politics in Britain; System of government; Role of the sovereign
Date de publication: 2008
Editeur: Université d'Oran2 Mohamed ben Ahmed
Résumé: The Present work is concerned with the reign of the present British monarch, Elizabeth II (1952- 2009), who is the leader of one of the most powerful monarchies in the world. It is important to try to know how Britain survived so many years with the monarchy as its system of government, while other countries did not and preferred another system like a republic with a president at the top of their government. The main purpose of this work is to put the role of the British monarch in a prominent place, to know whether a monarch still has an influence or still can bring changes to his/her kingdom within the twenty first century, taking into account the fact that Elizabeth II is a constitutional monarch, which implies that she does not have a concrete role in politics. Another purpose of the present study is to comprehend the positions of the monarchy towards particular situations, such as the revolt of the British subjects against the monarchy after the death of Lady Diana. The purpose is also to examine the impact of royal scandals and problems, intensified at times by the media, on the monarchy in general and the Queen in particular. Through this work there is an attempt to understand how a woman and a head of a family could lead and represent a whole nation, having no choice but to accept her fate. To have answers, an understanding of the monarchy, its background, its functioning, its environment, and its components are required.
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