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Titre: Understanding the Development of University-Industry-Government Partnership within the Context of Developing Countries: The Case of Algeria
Auteur(s): DEKKICHE, Mokhtar
Mots-clés: Triple Helix. Innovation. System Linked. Ecologies Democratic Competitiveness Collaboration.
Date de publication: 2019
Editeur: Université d'Oran 2 - Mohamed Ben Ahmed
Résumé: Collaboration became the predominant aspect of economic life. Countries that promote partnership among various actors in the local ecosystem are the world leaders or are among emerging economies. Further, the characteristic of such collaboration is strongly favoured in innovative programs that lead to the contribution of local authorities, industrials and higher education institutes. Yet, developing economies still struggling for catching-up, know a weak level of connectedness among these three strands. One reason for this case, for some of them, is the long-standing period of war (colonisation and civil war). The abundance of natural resources exacerbated this situation. The research tries to look for further factors that hamper the development of university-industry-government partnership in developing economies by referring to Algeria as a case study. The main results indicate that institutions, innovation, as well as social capital dimension of actors have a decisive role in the weak level of collaboration in Algeria
Collection(s) :Doctorat Sciences Economiques

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