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Titre: The Puritan Experience in New England: Its Growth and Influence (1620- 1830)
Auteur(s): BEKADDOURI, Fouzia
Mots-clés: Roman Catholicism; Catharism; Waldenses; Lollardy; Lutheranism; Protestantism; Puritans; Reformation; Persecution; Exploration.
Date de publication: 26-jui-2014
Editeur: univ oran 2
Résumé: The Puritans emigrated in the early seventeenth century to New England to establish a community based on religious freedom and toleration. There, Puritanism had a strong impact on political, economic, social, and personal life. The way the Puritans established their Church, government, economy, education and the way they dealt with the others- including the Indians, the Africans, and religious minorities- reflected their beliefs and principles. Therefore, this research work is concerned with the origin of Puritanism in Europe and the reasons for the Puritans’ emigration to America, and with their plan for establishing “a city upon a hill,” a city viewed by the entire world. Therefore, the Puritans should be a model of good behaviour and qualities. These objectives and aims are discussed in four chapters. The first chapter analyses the birth of religious protest in Western Europe and its development to Puritanism in England, and the driving forces behind the Puritans’ departure for North America. The three other chapters examine the establishment and impact of Puritanism in New England.
Collection(s) :Doctorat Anglais

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