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Titre: Economic and Political Impact of the First British Industrial Revolution on India 1760 — 1880
Auteur(s): BOUMEDDANE, Larbi
Mots-clés: Britain; Colonialism; Industrial Revolution; India; Trade; Economy; Exploitation; Domination; Taxation; Impoverishment.
Between 1760 and 1880, Britain followed two major economic processes. The First British Industrial Revolution and colonialism proved to be vigorously related. The needs of Britain’s First Industrial Revolution were bound to accentuate the exploitation and domination of her colony of India. Many historians specialized in the imperial era assert that economic exploitation in British India during the latter period went on a systematic upward trajectory. India was a pillar to British capitalistic preponderance. There is much evidence that India’s deepening economic down-break from the late eighteenth century was inflicted by Britain absolutely seeking to meet her own interests. That exploitation, carried out in many various ways, enriched one side and impoverished the other. India fell in misery and rose in indignation.
Date de publication: 2013
Editeur: univ oran 2
Collection(s) :Magister Allemagne

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