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Titre: The Teaching of the CAD in the Curriculum of Graduation in Technology
Auteur(s): Achache, Habib
Mots-clés: Innovation, Computer, Design, CAD, CAM, CADM, Automatic, Manufacturing, Robotics, Teaching, Graduation
Date de publication: 2018
Editeur: The Eurasia Proceedings of Educational & Social Sciences
Résumé: This work aims to study How to teach the CAD (computer- aided drawing) in higher education for masters training level, then to propose, to assess the pedagogical devices established to facilitate the learning of the CAD, And also to approach learning of the CAD via the 3D software. The proposals of the new method will also be analyzed with higher education, and its need to integrate in masters degree program.In the industrial sector, the training is largely irrelevant with reality, And students master level is low for all XAO. The work aims to examine how to teach the CAD in master level in Algeria.IMSI of Oran (Industrial Maintenance and Safety Institute) is a national institute, and therefore making this study, as if we did for the whole of Algeria.The study was carried out on the curriculum of the five years of teaching with a balance sheet, from the proposals will be put forward.
ISSN: 2587-1730
Collection(s) :6.Institut de Maintenance et de Sécurité Industrielle

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