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Titre: Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Algeria: sources of integration and economic growth
Auteur(s): BOURI, Nassima
Mots-clés: Algerian SME, Business sector, Added value, Gross domestic product, Programs of upgrade, Measures of restructuring, Industrial competitiveness.
Date de publication: déc-2017
Editeur: دراسات في التنمية و المجتمع
Résumé: SMEs play an indisputable role, in the dynamism and the economic development. They represent an element essential to the integration and to the economic diversification, so to the acceleration of the volume of investment, production and jobs. These vulnerable entities represent the pit of the economic fabric and occupy a singular place in the growth of the device of production. it establish a source of wealth satisfaction of the economic and social needs and the absorption of the employment; all these factors make that the looks turn these last years to the small company to participate in the process of modernization of the Algerian economy. The present article has for object to present the weight of the Algerian SME in the creation of employment, so its contribution in the state economy.
ISSN: 2437-0436
Collection(s) :2.Faculté des Langues Etrangères

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