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Titre: New schemes of Municipal Solid Waste Management for the wilaya of Oran, Algeria
Auteur(s): Bouhadiba, Brahim
Mots-clés: Landfills, Leachate, Municipal Solid Waste, Water Balance, Water Pollution, Physical characterization, MSW, Composition MSW.
Date de publication: 2019
Editeur: Université d'Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed
Résumé: The aim of this study is the design of a new mode of integrated municipal solid waste (MSW) management in the district of Oran, Algeria based on an approach taking into account systems by themselves, the different multi-sectors, and the various technologies previous studies have been done on two sanitary landfills located in Algiers and Biskra. It was showed that an accurate pretreatment is recommended before landfilling to avoid the emission of biogas and to reduce the pollution by leaching. The treatment by composting of the organic fraction is especially suitable for waste before their burial. The advantage is that this procedure provides a natural organic fertilizer for Algerian soils and in addition reduces the waste volume. In this context a composting guideline is proposed, which would be used for a better waste management procedure. It includes several field scenarios.
Collection(s) :6.Institut de Maintenance et de Sécurité Industrielle

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